Hello!  Kelly has been smitten with photography for over 16 years. Originally from Connecticut, she currently lives in South Royalton, VT.  She just recently received her Masters of Fine Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art in May 2018 and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from the Lesley University College of Art and Design in 2009.  Her photos have been included in a number of print publications as well as galleries both around the country and internationally.

Kelly approaches wedding photography with a romantic sensibility. Bringing her experience as a fine artist to wedding photography, she specializes in capturing authentic and beautiful moments and has an acute sense of composition and attention to detail.  She is known for her fresh, light-filled images and her keen sense of color.


The couples that work with Kelly appreciate her unobtrusive style.  She combines a cheerful demeanor with a professional approach to fit effortlessly into each couple's special moments and to capture their days as creatively and honestly as possible.  She respects every detail that goes into making a wedding day beautiful, memorable, and yours.

Candid, organic imagery comes naturally to her; she prefers pure moments to stiff poses.  Your day is about love, and she strives to make sure every photograph showcases how beautiful that is.  

Kelly surrounds herself with people from many different creative paths and draws endless inspiration from them.  She feels very lucky to call musicians, writers, designers, educators, and studio artists some of her closest friends: she is constantly blown away by the wealth of creativity and support that surrounds her.  She is a voracious reader and never leaves home without a book (or a camera!).  Passionate about design and styling, her home reflects her aesthetic and is bright, airy, and alive.  Kelly is an avid indoor gardener, designer, and traveler.  While many of her clients are from New England, she loves to travel and jumps on any opportunity possible to see the world.

She can't wait to hear your story then help you share that story with your family, friends, and loved ones with images that will last a lifetime!